• Genres: Space Shooter, Arcade
  • Platform: Gear VR
  • Initial release: December 2014
  • Multiplayer: up to 4 players (beta only)
  • Samsung Gear VR Innovator edition Launch

Experience Incredible Dogfights in Space via Virtual Reality

As a lieutenant in the most deadly squadron of Anshar’s forces, you must defeat the legendary Nergalian legions to stop them from unleashing their “Ultimate War Machine” and destroying every planet in their way. May the light win and Nergal die!

  • Battle in intense ship-to-ship combat where your head movements steer your vessel.
  • Destroy all the enemy ships using rapid-fire lasers and lock-on missiles
  • Avoid getting hit by enemy fire and crashing into asteroids or other vessels
  • Defend your mothership against increasing numbers of enemies.
  • Rank against others in the global leaderboard

Inventing the Foundations of a New Gameplay

Anshar Wars is a space combat video game from the arcade end of the scale, immediately fun blast-a-thon that takes very little time to acclimatise too. For experienced videogame players, this little ambitious interstellar shooter is inherently familiar, which is exactly why it works.

Piloting your ship in third-person, the direction of your Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) controls the direction of your ship. In Anshar Wars it’s not a straight track – you are free to fly anywhere on the battlefield you desire – but the area is littered with meteors, warp gates and both friendly and enemy vessels, so plotting a slow curve safely around a large object soon becomes second nature.

With the player sat outside of their vessel Anshar Wars creates an opportunity that other space combat shooters have mostly ignored thus far: drift control. The player’s ship is very nimble and responds to every slightest movement of the player’s head. The third person perspective provides the best possible vantage point and creates an enjoyable system for predicting encroaching asteroids and enemy ships, planning for last-minute avoidance and gaining tactical advantages.

OZWE lays the foundations of an invention in terms of gameplay — which the company keeps on developing nowadays. Anshar Wars receives the most positive reviews since its first displays and is praised by many gamers playing it on their smartphone and Gear VR. It becomes the top rated game on the Oculus Store for Gear VR.

The First Multiplayer Game on Gear VR

Anshar Wars is one of the first games available when the Gear VR is first released in December 2014 and the first multiplayer game ever on this platform.

With the Gear VR Innovator Edition, Samsung puts the device in the hands of OZWE — amongst others — to craft amazing immersive experiences. The Innovator Edition is launched with Anshar Wars and VRtillery, along with a collection of high-quality sample experiences that show off what Gear VR is capable of.

“Anshar War showcases how immersive a virtual reality game can be. Without a doubt an incredible virtual reality game. Don’t miss out! ” – VR Games Free

Anshar Wars is a kind reminder that VR is wonderful.” – VRFocus

“One of the best games for the Gear VR both for the immersiveness and gameplay,” Best Samsung Gear VR apps and games – Trusted Reviews

“Favorite out of all the titles seen at Samsung Developper Conference 2014.” – Road to VR