Anshar Wars 2

Anshar Wars 2 Cover

The Pinnacle Of Phone-Powered VR Technology.

— UploadVR

The Ansharian Empire is in peril. The Nergal, an ancient and fierce enemy, have unleashed a galactic super-weapon capable of decimating entire planets.

Anshar Wars 2 lets you take the role of a newly enlisted pilot in the deadliest squad in the Ansharian arsenal.

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Free unlock: any purchase unlocks the game on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR


VRtillery cover

This is an action movie you can play.

— The VR Shop

In a Mad Max-like, post-apocalyptic, futuristic world, you are driving in a quest for U-453, the incredible power source left over from civilization’s pinnacle.

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Anshar Wars

Anshar Wars Cover

The experience is a blast.

— Road to VR

As a lieutenant in the most deadly squadron of Anshar’s forces, you must defeat the legendary Nergalian legions to stop them from unleashing their “Ultimate War Machine”!

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