• Genres: Space Shooter, Arcade
  • Platforms: Gear VR *, Rift **, Oculus Go ***
  • Initial release: * December 3, 2015, ** June 23, 2016, *** May 2018
  • Multiplayer: up to 8 players

Awards & Nominations

A Solid and Enjoyable Space Combat Experience

Anshar Wars 2 is a comprehensive package attuned to the demands of a modern gaming audience which represents the pinnacle of phone-powered VR technology. It combines 360-degree movement, multiplayer, voice chat and the Oculus-powered ability to record screenshots and gameplay while playing.

A must-see experience thanks to the already beloved gameplay mechanics, beautiful vivid, high-resolution graphics and a vastly improved gameplay experience.

Anshar Fighter - Anshar Wars 2

Anshar Fighter

Anshar Bomber - Anshar Wars 2

Anshar Bomber

Anshar EMP Ship - Anshar Wars 2

Anshar EMP Ship

Anshar Mothership - Anshar Wars 2

Anshar Mothership

Nergal Mothership - Anshar Wars 2

Nergal Mothership

Nergal Fighter - Anshar Wars 2

Nergal Fighter

Nergal Bomber - Anshar Wars 2

Nergal Bomber

Nergal Recon - Anshar Wars 2

Nergal Recon

Nergal Commando - Anshar Wars 2

Nergal Commando

A Highly Praised Arcade-Style, VR Space Dogfighting Shooter

The Ansharian Empire is in peril. The Nergal, an ancient and fierce enemy, have unleashed a galactic super-weapon capable of decimating entire planets.

Anshar Wars 2 lets you take the role of a newly enlisted pilot in the deadliest squad in the Ansharian arsenal.

Bring the fight to the Nergal in dazzling ship-to-ship battles in deep space and lush planetary surfaces, using a range of weapons including missiles, lasers, tesla blasts and portal generators.

  • Enjoy one of the most astonishing graphical quality on Gear VR at the time.
  • Fly a variety of spacecraft including the Ansharian Fighter, Bomber and EMP ship across 13 large missions fields.
  • Experience the fight all around you, real-time, for fast-paced and accurate combat awareness thanks to VR technology.
  • Freely traverse large planet surfaces, dodge space debris and asteroid fields by steering your ship using the Gear VR 360 degrees of freedom by simply moving your head.
  • Enjoy a rewarding progression system whilst retaining the high-score objective: gain ranking rewards, hidden items and more.
  • Unlock upgrades for your ships with experience and credits.

Anshar Wars 2 on Oculus Rift

“The Pinnacle Of Phone-Powered VR Technology” – UploadVR

“Wow. That’s what I kept saying while playing this game.” 9/10 – VRGiant

“Anshar Wars 2 is the kind of videogame that Gear VR needs to cement itself as a true gaming platform” 5/5 – VRFocus

“Without a doubt the most filled out, robust gaming experience available to mobile VR users.” – VRGiant

“Best games and apps for Samsung Gear VR: 1 of 7” 4/5 – CNET

“One of the most impressive games we’ve seen in Gear VR in terms of both gameplay and graphics” – UploadVR

“Anshar Wars 2 is a  great success in all respects.” 4/5 – S2PMag

“One of the must have games for Samsung Gear VR owners.” – VR Games For

Anshar Wars 2 on Gear VR

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Only one rule: have fun.

Free unlock: any purchase unlocks the game on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR

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