Death Lap


Captured by a maniac, you are thrown into a deadly TV show where you must race and battle other drivers to win your freedom.

Ride devious tracks, shoot your enemies, dare to jump, perform drifts, execute stunts, navigate traps, fight to survive, and drive on these wheels and bullets madness.

Use your surroundings, cars’ special abilities, and bonuses to get an edge on your opponents. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends, you have to be the first or die trying.

Will you rise from the flames or will you burn?

Key Features

Fast driving. Master your steed in first or third-person view. Use it to its best capacities, drift and jump over the minefield as quick as you can.

Battle for survival. Use the deadly supply of weapons, maneuver undetected into the hostile run, execute combat tactics for attack or defense, and enjoy a good shot of adrenaline.

Choose your car. Select your favorite vehicle to brave the peril of the show. Each car has a unique personality with its own set of weapons and abilities.

Ruthless tracks. Enjoy various races environments as wild and bloody as beautiful. Take advantage of its secret paths and obstacles.

Cunning strategies. Use your car and environment wisely. Get the bonuses scattered around and use them smartly.

Single or multiplayer. Play against the AI or real players to test your might and speed. Maybe you’ll be strong enough to get on the pantheon of greatest players.

The Dark Garage

There are five original vehicle designs to choose from — each vehicle has its own and unique personality with various weapons, so each time it’s a different experience.

Rodder Z60

This hotrod is a thing of beauty, six cylinders of pain and fury!

Gatling gun

Long-range weapon
This big boy can shoot a lot of high-speed bullets. Very easy to use, just point and shoot to destroy everything in its path.


Close Range weapon
Those gigantic saws autonomously shred everything that stands in front of them.

The Vagabond

Three wheels, sure, but what lacks in size, it makes up for in speed!

Rocket Launcher

Long-range weapon
Shoots one straight rocket at a time. But the area of effect and damage of this toy is huge. The rocket doesn’t travel fast, so be careful when aiming at something.


Close Range weapon
Drills holes in the cars that stand in front of you. It’s quick and deadly.

The Phoenix

Oh, you like style, hm? This car has plenty of that!

Mini-Missile Launcher

Long-range weapon
This one can release up to 5 mini-missiles from far away. After all the missiles have been launched, there is a reload time. The missiles explode everything in its area of effect.

Spiked wheels

Close Range weapon
This deadly weapon is hidden in the wheels of the car. It can shred all tires and vehicles that stand side to side with you.

The Big Wheelie

At five feet high off the ground, those tires will squish your competition!

Laser Beam

Long-range weapon
This precise weapon can shoot a powerful beam that cut and melt metal like butter.


Close Range weapon
This car is hungry and feeds on other vehicles. Every car grabbed by those claws is utterly devoted. Taste like candy!

The White Wolf

Built for precision, destined for victory!


Long-range weapon
This state of the art technology can shoot plasma bullets with a high velocity that can pierce through nearly anything.


Close Range weapon
Everyone loves flamers. And this one is automatic! Burning the poor cars who dares to stand in your way.

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"Best VR Game" Winner Gold at the Halo Awards - VRDays Europe 2019

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