It takes a mighty crew of highly skilled spacemen to lead OZWE’s mothership on the path to the invention of the next revolutionary VR gaming experience.

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Stéphane Intissar

Local dictator, but can be nice and gentle when travelling or sleeping

Camille Müller

Art Director
Mostly harmless but don’t mess with her with the wrong greenish colors

Jonathan Besuchet

Game Programmer & Game Designer
Half developer, half game designer at work. Half hardcore climber, half toper outside work

Fabrice Berger

Game Artist & VFX Artist
Stéphane’s slave, I’m here only to satisfy him

Bart Kevelham

Software Developer
Developer during the day, world’s tallest short guy at night

Yoan Santelli

Game Programmer & Game Designer
Illuminati/Reptilians conspiracy specialist (of doom). Class : monk 2/fighter 4/geek 10

Vincent Fournié

Staff Engineer
Keeper of the git flow. Command line explorer.

Andrea Rovescalli

Game Programmer & Game Designer

Charlotte Maréchal

Press Relations & Communication

Nathalie Bovard


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