Camille Müller, Art Director

Design Process: We ask Camille Müller, OZWE’s Art Director

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By Alma Moya Losada @ OZWE Games

Camille Müller, Art Director

Tell us a bit about yourself

I come from a small town in Switzerland where the absinthe was born. I moved to Paris to study graphic design at the Académie Charpentier in the famous locals of La Grande Chaumière. After graduating, I came back to Lausanne where I worked as a graphic designer for Bread and Butter. The studio piloted on big projects like a virtual museum or interactive sheet music.

I finally joined OZWE Games as an Art Director in January 2015. Anshar Wars 2 drove me into the world of video games which was pretty new to me. I did several stays in games conventions and won the 2016 GDC European Pitch Night. Nothing predestined me to work in the video game industry!

What are you passionate about besides your work?

Mountains! Climbing the wild rocks as often as possible. The higher it is, the more beautiful it becomes.
I feel totally free on top of mountains, I forget everything, just living the present time and I’m always impressed by the beauty and strength of the mountains. Climbing is also something super mental, it’s not only physical. It’s a complete sport, and you always have to push your limits.
And cooking as well. This activity makes me feel peaceful, and I enjoy making things with my hands, go back to the roots.

How do you stay creative under pressure?

I don’t really like to work under pressure, but I must admit that often when you’re stressed, you see more clearly where you have to go.

Who are the people who have influenced your approach to design?

The great swiss graphic design heritage representer Joseph Müller-Brockmann, and also names like Saul Bass, Herb Luballin, Malte Martin, Robert Massin, Jan Tschichold, …

How do you stay informed about the latest design trends?

I keep my eyes wide opened ^^

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever heard?

Less is More.
The simple and practical design is the most difficult to do, but also the best one.

How would you describe your approach to design?

My instinct has my full confidence. Once you have a solid base of experience, you know when you’re not doing it right. Sometimes you try anyway, thinking that maybe it could work, but it always fails when you’re not listening to what you’re body is trying to tell you.

What are the steps to your creative process as a designer?

Generally, I always start with a small dose of procrastination! I think it’s a way of letting the idea makes its way into my mind. Then, I write each concept that goes through my head in my notebook, I sketch some directions. I finally realize different choices digitally, and I like having a night before returning to the project again, with a fresh new look.

What are some tools of the trade you could not live without?

First, Spotify. The Adobe Creative Suite, without any surprise. My Wacom tablet, a good iMac, and last but not least, a small notebook chosen carefully and accompanied by my Caran d’Ache black pen.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I never do the same work, every day is unique.

Tell us about a piece you’re most proud of to date.

I think it’s maybe the first game I made at OZWE Games, Anshar Wars 2. It was so new to me, to create for the VR technology, that it was a considerable challenge.

What are some of your personal and professional goals for the future?

Anything making me happy is welcome ^^

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