OZWE Gold Winner - Indigo Award 2019

Indigo Award 2019: Anshar Online wins Gold in Best Mobile Games

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Join us at the 2019 Indigo Award Ceremony
in Malaga, Spain

We’re super happy to announce that Anshar Online won Gold in Best Mobile Games! And also congrats to our fellow #SwissGames company AVA for bronze!

Most design competitions will tell you that by joining them, you will become the best.

We say that when you join us, we become the best. We are the prism through which your vision, innovation, and prodigy shine through. We are Indigo, and we exist to encourage and promote your creativity.

Our Award Ceremony is held annually in the world’s most fascinating and cutting-edge cities. Your work will be judged by a jury handpicked for their innovative contributions in the digital design world. We will promote the event globally to our vast network and make press materials available to all nominees and winners.

We want designers that share our passion for the extraordinary.

Just as the indigo orchid stands out from nature’s palette with its rare and special beauty, we are looking for exceptional projects that shine with uncommon artistry. A fresh new take on a design inspired composition and layout.

If this sounds like your work, you are indigo, and we invite you to join us to create something tremendous.

Indigo Award Certificate: Anshar Online Best Mobile Game Gold Winner

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